Martial Methods Students and Families, 

We hope that you are all staying safe and keeping your spirits high.

We have been busy relocating through the holidays but will be holding online sessions during the continued lockdown period and through the duration of this latest lockdown.

Please find an amended timetable and online class enrolment form.

Can you please let us know via return email what classes you would like to attend and return the online class enrolment form.

   admin@kidsot.com.au / jerry@kidsot.com.au




















The classes will be $12 for the first child per class

$15 if a sibling will attend the class.

$20 for the family to join.

$30 for 3 classes per week for one student.

$40 for 3 classes for 2 siblings per week

$50 for 3 classes for the family per week.


In the true Martial Methods spirit: PROTECT YOURSELF  & OTHERS and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!


Stay Covid Safe! 


Passionate, Persistent, Committed and Connected.


Martial Methods and Kids OT

If you have any questions and queries about COVID-19 or Martial Methods do not hesitate to contact us on 02 9451 5735 or email us at admin@kidsot.com.au

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