“Supporting youth to learn & develop ‘VALUES’ for creating a better future”


Fridays at 6pm during school terms, we gather together and discuss & review actions we made past week in regard to a topic value.


  • Standard & extras

  • A glass half full or half empty

  • Judgment or acknowledgement

  • Scarcity or abundance

  • Thank, feel & know

  • Collaboration

  • And more…

level 1.png

Level 1: 'Personal Values'

  • Being a role model

  • Developing communication skills

  • Improving confidence

level 2.png

Level 2: 'Personal purpose and success'

  • Developing values

  • Teamwork

  • Achieving goals

level 3.png

Level 3: 'Other's purpose and success'

  • Leading others to achievement 

level 4.png

Level 4: 'Making significance'

  • Calling 

  • Creating opportunities for more people

level 5.png

Level 5: 'Legacy'

  • Continuously supporting the group